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Cyon reff by Klopenp
Cyon reff
other reffs
Cyon by Klopenp

Name : Cyon
Gender : Male
Age : 20

Likes :
:bulletgreen: Peace and quiet.
:bulletgreen: Being alone.
:bulletgreen: His hair pin and scarf.
:bulletgreen: Candy ?
:bulletgreen: Enjoys talking to smal birds.

Dislikes :
:bulletred: Crowds.
:bulletred: Clingy people.
:bulletred: Demons.
:bulletred: People trying to be brave.
:bulletred: Coffe and other strong drinks.
:bulletred: Spicy food.
:bulletred: Foolish people.
:bulletred: Horses ( they are big )

Info :
He is a cold person, as he has few expressions and a cold attitude.
He cares little for others, and keeps a distance from anyone he meets.
He is not intressted in a relationship with anyone. He is always travelling,
and always alone, or is he ?
His sword, wich he carries everywhere, has a soul on its own. It is able to
feel the pressence of something nearby and will react to it if the pressence issnt
familliar to it. Cyon also always has smal candies with him, why ?
I have no idea... 

His scarf and his hair pin is important to him, as they where the last gifts he
recieved before his family was murdered by a demon that was looking for
the sword that he now wields. The hair clip was from his older sister so
that he could keep the long hair away from his eyes.
The scarf was a gift from his mother so he would not be cold during winter.

The Past :
When Cyon was 13 years old, his family was murdered by a demon.
The demon was hunting down the mighty sword that Cyon's family had guarded
for centuries. When it made its way in the deep cave that the sword was keept in,
it was unable to lift the heavy sword from the ground it was stuck in. Cyon's father 
was awere of the demon entering the cave, he told his family to hide in the training 
room deep in their home. Cyon was not home at that point, he had come in a fight
with some kids in the nearby town. 

As he walked on homewards, he could see a sharp red light over in the direction of his
home. He ran home as fast as his leggs could carry him, and just as he rounded the 
corner to his house, he saw it ablazed. He was frozen at the sight of his home in fire
and started to look for his family, but could not find them. he ran inside the burning 
building screaming and shouting the names of his older sister, his mother and his father.
he got no answers... he knew that if someone would come looking for the sword, 
his father would order his family to go to the training room, so that they could deffend 
themself if someone where to come looking for them. so he ran towards it, knowing that
it was deep inside the large home they lived in, he hoped that his family would still be there.

just as he peeked over the side of the door, a faul smell reached his nose. he lifted
the scarf he had gotten from his mother just days ago, up to his nose and then entered
the room... but only to be meet with a sight one could only imagine in nightmares.
his entire family was brutaly slaughtered and covering the floor with their red blood.
the stentch of blood and burning flesh rised again to his nose. Cyon tried keeping 
himself from crying, but as the heat got worse, he finaly turned his back to his family
and ran out of the burning building he once called home.

with watery eyes he panted for air. he remembered something, his father.
he could not see his father with the bodies. he looked up towards the cave where the
sword was kept. he kept calling for his father as he ran up the hill to the cave entrance.
he could hear some sounds from inside, and knew someone was there. he was scared,
but managed to slowly walk down in the cave in hopes of finding his father.
he leaned towards the stone walls and looked over to the lighted place just meters
away from him, his eyes widened as he saw the big demon howering over his
dead fathers body, he was pierced with a smaler sword, and he had several cuts
over his body. this made Cyon cry and extremely angry. without thinking he steped up 
from the wall he was hiding from. the demon saw him with an angry grin on his face.
"Hey kid ! tell me how to lift this sword now or il kill you aswell !!"
Cyon paused, he looked at the sword. he was filled with anger, knowing
that the demon killed his entire family for the sake of a sword that would not move.

with a scream he leaped at the demon, but the demon only pushed him away with his arm,
making Cyon hit the wall just next to the large sword. he breathed before standing up.
he laid his hand on the sword instinktivly. the demon laughed and said the sword
was way to big and heavy for a smal boy to lift let alone use.
but Cyon did not pay attention to the demons words, he tightened his hand around
the handle. it was threathening to freeze his hand off, but by the young boys 
determination and anger, it let itself be lifted, just like a feather...

The Sword :
The sword is large and heavy, but the chosen wielder can lift it up with no
problems at all. It has two shapes, with the toutch of the wielder it can change
its collor and element completely. the blade can turn from the heat of fire
to the coldness of ice. It also has an off mode, meaning that the sword will
look dull in any ways, but if the wielder tells it to, or if it feels a pressence
around it that it does not feel comfortable with, it will change mode and the
red blade will start glowing and a fire inside the blade will show. if the sword's 
blade is blue, then the blade will start freezing over and liquid water
is shown inside it.

Abillities :
He wields the sword, and is skilled with using it.
His connection with the sword grands him the abillity to withstand heat/fire
and cold/snow better.

Enjoy ~



Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 4:00 AM
Pokemon lol
Guilty fan xD

Akira Reff by Klopenp
Akira Reff
Akira got an update !!

Name : Akira Yasahiro
Gender : Male
Age : Unknown

Likes :
:bulletgreen: Teasing guys
:bulletgreen: Books and knowledge

Dislikes :
:bulletred: People stealing knowledge
:bulletred: Turning into human

Info :
Akira is the demon of knowledge, he is an owl demon,
and is said to have an advanced communication network
with all the owls in the world. their eyes are his.

He is also the kind of person who likes to tease guys,
he did tease girls for some time, but their reactions got
boring to him, and he found guys alot more fun.

His personality changes depending on his form.
in his demon form, he is more royal, mature, and
calm. he speaks in an old fashioned manner.
while as a human, he becomes sadistic, and
more rude.

The Demon
His demon form is large, its taller than a grown man,
and can easily carry one or two people on his back. but
only if he allows it. he is a large owl with two pairs of wings,
the first wingspan is large and are the main source of flight
power, while the smaller set of wings are the source of
ballance and speed. together they allow his speed to reach
the extreme, and his agillity in the air is smoot, and can easily
change his direction just with the smaller wing set.

Under the fur on his chest he got two arms hidden, they are
formed like fingers, making him able to lift things easily with 
them. his arms and leggs are strong and not to be underestimated.

His body is covered with fur, and occasionaly feathers. The wings
are said to be made out of stars, becuse you can see stars shimmering
in the dark wings during the night. if you look at one feather, there
would be traces of the universe in it.

The Story :
There are stories going around the world about a huge liberary
existing somewhere in the world. it has all the books that ever
existed in it. but it is said that it is also guarded by a demon,
some monster. people that has tried entering it, has never 
come back out.

It is said that the people living nearby often see owls gather
around the aeria, but no one knows why.

Very little is known about Akira himself.
he never talks about where he is from, or what his life
has been like.

Abillities :
As human his abillities are flight and his senses are clear.
he is stronger than normal humans, but as a demon, his strenght
becomes alot more. his speed is superb, and so is his agillity.
He is more clumsy on the ground, and if one of his smaller wings 
are hurt, he loses alot of balance.

if he gets so badly hurt that his life is in danger, his body
automaticly transforms him to a human.

Enjoy ~
Doing some updates on my OC's as people might have noticed lol

Spamm da world with... OC's !! >: D
Ray reff by Klopenp
Ray reff
Another reff lol 

Name : Ray 
Gender : male
Age :

Abilities : 
He is a Guardian of the power of Air.
It means that he guards the wind gate, and can also learn minor 
electricity moves. His battle skill is better detailed on his Demon form ~
he can manipulate the wind and even hurricanes. he is speedy and agile thanks
to his Feline and Canine features. he rarely fights in his human form.
he can also fly or levitate with the help from his purple silk scarf that he keeps arond 
his waist.

Personality :
He is kind and sweet if you get to know him.
he is sometimes called a genius, thou he dont understand why.
if he finds someting intresting then he can pour his hole heart at it
and realy focus at it without getting tired of it. he is highly patient
and tolerant. when he goes into his demon form he can seem more aggressive and overprotective.
he is sometimes shy, and moustly keeps to himself. thou he is caring and is protective. 

even in his human form, Ray is still highly sensitive behind his ears, and if tuched at the right
spot, his blood will rush to his face (blush) and he might end up fainting.
unless the situation is tense or in a fight he will do his best to not faint...

He also rarely gets suprised or rather Stressed.
he is highly adaptable and can "bend" to any place and feel at home right away.
he also rarely gets uncomfortable and likes having a calm personality.

History :
He is from a loong and proud line of Element Guardians.
each Guardian have their own form to fit properly with their
chosen Element. every Guardian also have a spesific collor and
"item" that helps them. Ray`s Element is Air and thus his collor
is Purple, much to his disapproval. 

He doessnt hate humans, but he dont approve of them either.
he always answers with : "I dont mind em, but if they attack me Il attack em. If they ignore me Il ignore em " 
He also have this cute little hat on his head, and even if he tilts his head, it wont fall of.

Ray is also playing the Violin. He often carries it with him and often plays it when he is alone.
he doessnt like to play for a crowd thinking he issnt any special and dont like the attention.

Likes :
:bulletgreen: Playing the Violin
:bulletgreen: Keeping his hear tidy
:bulletgreen: His Purple Silky Scarf
:bulletgreen: Tea
:bulletgreen: Always wearing Chains
:bulletgreen: Soaring throu the Sky
:bulletgreen: Reading
:bulletgreen: Felines and Canines
:bulletgreen: His Guarding Destiny

Dislikes :
:bulletred: Playing in big Crowds 
:bulletred: Getting unwanned Attention
:bulletred: People that Disrespect his Destiny
:bulletred: People touching his Hair/Pelt with out asking 
:bulletred: Random people touching his "Soft spot" 

Demon Form :
He is a demon.
His size is about that of a horse and his body is build strongly and agile.
he uses his purple silk scarf to levitate from the ground and fly.
he has a cute orange hat that doessnt fall of even if he tilts his head ~
He is also surrounded by a chain that he uses as protection and weapon.

He has a verry calm personality, thou in demon form he might seem a little more agressive and even
over protective. He have five "fingers" on his legs like humans, so he can easily grab hold of things that arrent to big.
his ears are mainly bend backwards but if suprised or curius he usualy bend them forth.

Fighting :
He might seem agressive when fighting. he uses his chain to attack and defend with, the chain cant be broken, but it can be cut.
it its cut in half it will revert back to its full lengt after a little while, thou he is vanurable during this.
he controlls the element of air and can manipulate winds and hurricanes. he can also generate electrisity by surounding the chain with 
air in a rappid movement.
he also have claws that are racor sharp along with great fangs. his fangs can be hidden in his mouth at his will.
he is highly Agile and his ears are quite sensetive. 

He issnt of a spesefic type of demon.
He has Feline-ish traits to his body and nature, aswell
as he has Canine-ish traits aswell.

his breed is of an ancient line of Element guardians.
Ray`s element of keep is the Air, thou he have also been learning the power
of electrisity that comes along with the Air power.

He has a big weak spot behind his ears, and if petted, he will either fall on you or to the ground or he might try to keep 
himself up, depending on the situation.
his pelt is realy soft and fluffy ~

Enjoy ~ !



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In Heaven: the cooks are French,
the policemen are English,
the mechanics are German,
the lovers are Italian
and the bankers are Swiss.

In Hell: the cooks are English,
the policemen are German,
the mechanics are French,
the lovers are Swiss
and the bankers are Italian.
~ Grandpa Rome
Doing some updates on my OC's as people might have noticed lol

Spamm da world with... OC's !! >: D




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